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How to separate steel wires from scrap tires to obtain granular rubber powder?

2022-02-16 15:17:01

Waste rubber, rubber belts, waste tires, waste conveyor belts and other materials are processed by the waste tire processing equipment system from waste to treasure, and turned into 1-6mm rubber particles or 10-40 mesh rubber powder. Or steel wire, these materials can be reused in the application of roads, reclaimed rubber, modified asphalt, rubber runways, floor tiles and floor mats, etc., to achieve ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and other win-win goals.

How to separate the waste tire rubber wires, the processing method of smashing is called tire shredder, the equipment used for granulation is called tire granulation equipment, and the equipment used for rubber powder is called tire rubber powder equipment. The following describes:

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

There are three types of separation and recycling of waste tires:

>Waste tire processing equipment (5cm rubber block)

The waste tires are processed into rubber blocks, and the alias can also become a tire block machine and a tire block machine. The process of tire smashing is divided into two types in Gongyi Riseke: one is a semi-automatic tire smashing machine, and the other is a fully automatic smashing machine. There are two options to choose from.

>Tire processing equipment (processing rubber pellets)

The tire processing equipment can make rubber granules, and the equipment for processing granules is delayed in the process of making blocks of waste tire processing equipment. Screening machine, dust removal facilities.

>Processing waste tire equipment (processing rubber powder)

On the background of the rubber powder processing machine of the waste tire processing equipment, a set of double-roll rubber powder machine is configured after the selection of the smashing process, and a set of rubber powder lines are arranged in the back of the rubber breaking unit.

Technical summary of waste tire rubber wire separation:

The processing equipment for the separation of waste tire rubber and steel wire can recycle waste tires and waste rubber tires. This is an advocacy concept for social development, an industry of circular economy, and an innovative energy equipment industry that turns waste into treasure and rationally utilizes resources. This set of waste tire recycling and processing technology routes is reasonable and reliable, with advanced technology and perfect environmental protection and energy saving measures, which meet their high standard, high starting point, and high environmental protection project construction concept. After the project is completed, it can not only undertake the local waste tire steel wire, fiber It can also play an important role in promoting the industrialization development of waste tire recycling projects. There are no three no emissions, no emissions of waste gas, waste water, and slag.

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