Metals-Nometals Separating Project

Metals-Nometals Separating Project is used for recycling the cable wire, Aluminum plastic products and other metals-nometals materials, mainly including the Aluminum Plastic Separator, Cable Stripping Machine, Copper Wire Recycling Machine, etc., with high efficiency and high separation rate.

Aluminum plastic separator can be used for aluminum plastic plate, medicine blisters, aluminum plastic packaging, etc. Copper Wire Recycling Machine is suitable for all kinds of copper wire, the machine with dry crushing and separating process, and pollution-free emission.

  • Scrap Solar Panel Recycling Plant

    Solar panels typically consist of glass, polymer, aluminum, copper, and semiconductor materials that can be recovered and recycled at the end of their useful life.

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    Scrap Solar Panel Recycling Plant
  • Copper Wire Recycling Machine

    Cable Wire Recycling Machine is dry type structure, main used to all kinds of waste copper line will be separated into tiny copper particles and PVC particles,copper cable wire granulator is an indispensable environmentally friendly machine

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    Copper Wire Recycling Machine
  • Cable Stripping Machine

    Cable Stripping Machine is especially suitable for stripping thick wires and cables of single-strand or multi-strand. More labor-saving and less energy consumption. Raw Materials Our Cable Stripping Machines which can strip wires and cables

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    Cable Stripping Machine
  • Aluminum Plastic Separator

    Aluminum Plastic Separator is mainly used for all kinds ofaluminum tubes, aluminum-plastic bottle caps and other aluminum plastic products separation recycling. The Aluminum Plastic Separator is designed by combing with the domestic and int

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    Aluminum Plastic Separator
  • Small Cable Wire Granulator

    Compared with the cable wire recycling machine, the Capacity of Small Cable Wire Granulator can only reach 100 to 200 Kg/H, which is suitable for small-scale customers. Small Cable Wire Granulator is widely used all over the world. Scrap ca

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    Small Cable Wire Granulator