Gold Stripping Machine


Depends on the size of the reaction tank

Raw Materials:

Waste cellphone circuit boards, Computer CPUs, Gold plated components of Waste TVs, fax machines and other old domestic appliances.

Final Products:

99% Gold


Project Description

Gold Stripping Machine was specially designed to strip gold from gold-plated materials that come from those obsolete and junked electronic products, which is currently the best gold extraction method. By using this system, the recovery rate of gold is up to 99%, and you can get high-purity gold after further refining.

Gold Stripping Machine applies to various gold-plated scraps generated in our daily life, such as waste cellphone circuit boards, computer CPUs, motherboards, VCDs, DVDs, TVs, game consoles, fax machines, telephone sets and many other old domestic appliances, as well as those leftovers and off-cuts from the electroplating factory, electronic components manufacturing factory, printing house, photosensitive materials plant.

Gold Stripping Machine Application

1. Dispensing the gold stripping solution;

2. Put the surface plated materials into liquid, then the surface gold dissolved in the gold stripping solutions, no other metal like lead, nickel, iron, or any other metal be dissolved in the solution. (our patent product);

3. Filtering to remove the impurity;

4. Reduction: Add the reduction powder to the solutions, the gold will be extracted and turn into black powder, Get the black powder settle down, then finally we get the crude gold powder.

Gold Stripping Machine Working Process

1.No stain to the nickel or tin layer;

2.Quick deplating speed, with an average rate of 0.5-2mm/min;

3.The deplating agent contains no cyanide and poisonous substances;

4.High accuracy of deplating, you can strip the gold alternatively;

5.High efficiency, with a separation rate of 99%, and high gold purity.

Technical Parameter
Note : Processing capacities are the average value, depending on the capacity, the number of stand-alone units is different, Please inquire according to your needs.
Option Specification
Another Name Gold Deplating Machine
Capacity Depends on the size of the reaction tank
Operators 1-3 Workers
Purity 99%

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Test and inspection

Before delivery, we all equipment will imitate the real production environment, use the customer need to deal with material test, to ensure the production line performance and production meet customer requirement. We sincerely invite customers came to the scene for final test.