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How to recycle the scrapped lithium battery of mobile phone and computer?

2022-02-15 15:58:19

In today's society, when people use a large number of lithium-ion batteries, they will inevitably produce a large number of waste batteries. In spent lithium-ion batteries, cobalt and lithium present on the positive electrode have recycling value due to their high price and scarcity of resources. In addition, aluminum foil and copper foil as positive and negative current collectors are also valuable metals for recycling. Recycling these batteries can not only reduce the pollution of waste batteries to the environment, but also realize the full recovery and utilization of valuable components in waste lithium-ion batteries.


So how to recycle and reuse used lithium batteries?

The first is discharge: set up a discharge facility in the workshop to release the power in the waste lithium battery, and spread the discharged battery to dry naturally.

The second is dismantling. The waste lithium battery is disassembled by a combination of manual and machine, and the disassembled casing, aluminum foil, copper pole pieces, etc. are separated according to the material.

Then there is pulverization: the dismantled metal-containing battery materials for subsequent processing are pulverized, and the pulverization facility is equipped with a dust collector, which does not pollute the outside world.

The last step is separation: the pulverized battery material pole pieces and black powder are separated, and the copper aluminum foil metal and black powder are separated to achieve a purity of 99.8%.

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