Lithium Battery Recycling Machine



Raw Materials:

soft package battery, cellphone battery, shell battery, cylindrical battery etc

Final Products:

graphite powder, cobalt acid lithium, aluminum and copper.


Project Description

Battery specialists and environmentalists give a long list of reasons to recycle Li-ion batteries. The materials recovered could be used to make new batteries, lowering manufacturing costs.

According to the material composition analysis of lithium-ion battery, it contains a lot of valuable metals. Take one kind of the lithium ion battery as an example, which contains 31% cathode material, 22% anode material, 17% copper, 8% aluminum, 4%% plastic paper etc.

Composition of lithium-ion battery

Our company adopts an environmentally-friendly physical separation process to realize efficient separation and recovery of waste lithium batteries. The lithium battery recycling production line is used for dismantling and recycling the Soft package battery, cellphone battery, Shell batter Cylindrical battery etc. The final products of this plant is Graphite powder, Cobalt acid lithium Aluminum and Copper.

-- The lithium-ion battery recycling production line is used for recycling the cylindrical cells,prismatic cells, pouch cells negative plate,positive plate etc.

lithium-ion battery recycling

lithium-ion battery recycling

lithium-ion battery recycling

-- The final products are black mass, aluminum granule, copper granule, plastic, steel shell and separator plastic etc.

Black MassAbout 120-150 mesh
Aluminum granuleAbout 3 mm
Copper granuleAbout 3 mm
Shell MaterialAbout 2-3 cm

The carbonized anode and cathode materials can effectively peel off the anode and cathode powder from the metal after crushing, and the metal and anode powder can be preliminarily separated by vibration screening based on the size difference and shape difference between particles.

The complete set of equipment operates under negative pressure, without dust spillage, and the oveall separation efficiency can reach over 98%.

Feature ItemIndicator Requirments
Recovery Rate of Metallic Aluminum98%
Powder Recovery Rate98%
Content of Powder In Metal Aluminum2%
Content of Metallic Aluminum In Powder2%
OtherContain dust collecter with not pollute
Qualified Rate99%
Failure Rate1%

Lithium battery recycling process

First, the scrapped lithium battery is discharged. The discharged scrap lithium battery is crushed to about 10cm, and then enters the carbonization furnace through a conveyor. During the carbonization process, the separator is directly carbonized, the electrolyte is pyrolyzed and gasified, and the adhesive is gasification. Because the furnace is almost a closed space, it meets anaerobic conditions, so that the diaphragm, adhesive, and electrolyte are heated up inside the carbonization furnace for pyrolysis and gasification. The generated flue gas passes through the recovery pipe and flue gas purification system to achieve reciprocation. Effect of cyclic thermal decomposition. During the initial carbonization preheating, the plastic diaphragm begins to carbonize and pyrolyze, the electrolyte reaches gasification, and finally pure copper, aluminum and black powder are obtained, and then the aluminum and copper powder are separated through a screener, a crusher, and an electrostatic separator. A magnetic separator is added in the middle to separate the iron shells.

Shredder: shred lithium batteries into smaller pieces

Carbonization furnace: Carbonization and pyrolysis of scrap lithium batteries

Grinder: For the grinding of the crushed materials

Separation machine: Separate the materials after being ground

Collector: Collect and release the dust

Pulse purifier (air cleaner): Clean all the dust produced during the operation of the whole system

Classifying screen: Screen the materials sorted by the separation machine, and screen out of larger metal materials

Magnetic machine: Separate nickel from the metals

Gravity separator: Separate those finer materials got from the screening machine and separate the metal completely

High-pressure blower: Keep the whole system in a negative state so as to collect the materials and purity the air

To ensure the machine performance, for every machine before leave our factory,no matter its single machine or big production line, we all connecting whole line,buy raw materials to trial running, to ensure every part are up to standard.

Lithium battery recycling equipment manufacturing

Lithium battery recycling equipment manufacturing

We offer on-site installation services to ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment in the field.

Our comprehensive technical training program equips customers with in-depth knowledge of equipment operation, primary troubleshooting techniques, and common problem-solving methods.

Our commitment to lifelong technical support ensures continuous assistance and guidance for the machine throughout its lifespan.

Lithium battery recycling customer site

Lithium battery recycling customer site

Technical Parameter
Note : Processing capacities are the average value, depending on the capacity, the number of stand-alone units is different, Please inquire according to your needs.


Working voltage:380±10V(415V ,440V also can be custom);

(If you want more detailed parameters and quotations, please contact us)


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Test and inspection

Before delivery, we all equipment will imitate the real production environment, use the customer need to deal with material test, to ensure the production line performance and production meet customer requirement. We sincerely invite customers came to the scene for final test.