Waste PCB Recycling & Processing

Waste PCB Recycling & Processing

Material Description

There are a large number of circuit boards in various electronic products, and many discarded circuit boards are eliminated every year.

After Recovered

Precious metal copper and resin powder

Material Recycling Processing

1. Physical separation:

1). Dismantling machine, which is used to separate the components on the pcb boards.

2). Shredder, mainly used to shred the mother boards into pieces of 2cm*5cm size.

3). Hammer Grinder, which is used to grind the shred mother board into 20mesh powder mixture.

4). The metal and non-metal powder mixture is separated throught air flow separator and electrostatic separation.

5). Dry type producing process and dust collector device made the whole line no pollution produced.

2. Chemical separation:

We can get the valuable material such as Au, Ag ,Ba from the metal powder after the physical separation, if you need this process please tell us your pcb in details.


Separate and recycle the metal and non-metals in the waste circuit boards.

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