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Waste TV Recycling & Processing

Waste TV Recycling & Processing

Material Description

With the rapid development of electronic products, digital TVs replaces the analog TVs, caused a lot of the waste TVs, If the waste TV is not handled correctly, these elements will bring great harm to people.

After Recovered

Plastics, Glass, PCBs, Cable Wires, Iron, Fluorescent Powder

Material Recycling Processing

For the processing of waste televisions, need to use two sets of equipment, Scrap TV & PC Dismantling Line and CRT Crushing & Recycling Machine, the first, the waste TVs is disassembled by Scrap TV & PC Dismantling Line, by the workers artificial disassemble, can be divided into the shell of the TV, cable wire, CRT, and circuit board, etc.

The CRT will need to be recycled through CRT Crushing & Recycling Machine, CRT Crushing & Recycling Machine is material delivered by primary conveyor tovertical crushing, crushed glass and other material processed by cyclone dustcollection, secondary conveyor, magnetic separation, all material from CRT separatedand recovered.

After the dismantling of the above two sets of equipment, a TV has been split into glass, plastic, iron, aluminum, copper, fluorescent powder and circuit boards, the cable wire and circuit boards can be further reclaimed.


The copper, aluminum, phosphor and glass of after the TV dismantled can direct sale, the copper wire can be recycled by copper wire recycling machine into copper particles and plastic particles, PCBs contains abundant precious metals, can be further recovery of gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper.

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