Metals-Metals Separating Project

Metals-Metals Separating Project mainly for recycling copper aluminum radiators, scrap motor rotor, scrap motor stator and other metals-metals materials, mainly includes AC Radiator Stripping Machine, Radiator Crushing & Recycling Machine, Motor Stator Recycling Machine, Rotor Recycling Machine.

Due to the characteristics of reproducible by copper and aluminum, secondary copper aluminum is a kind of resource, its nature and native copper aluminum and there is no difference, so the copper aluminum materials recycled is a very important thing.

  • Radiator Recycling Machine

    Radiator Recycling Machine is used to separate copper and aluminum of the discarded air conditioner radiator and car radiator.The raw materials can be put into the all-in-one machine directly, after crushing, it will using the Air separatio

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    Radiator Recycling Machine
  • Carbonization Paint Remove Machine

    Application The machine can be used for process e waste material, such as aluminium cans, aluminium capacitors,paint kettles, aluminium profile etc.. The surface material after decoating process can increase the purity when smelting, and av

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    Carbonization Paint Remove Machine
  • Stator Copper Extractor Machine

    Electric Motor Stripping Equipment Copper Separator Motor Copper Cutting Machine is a kind of waste motor/ waste motor and stator and heavery duty, it can help you to process more easily and efficient. The machine has 3 main parts, one is c

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    Stator Copper Extractor Machine
  • Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine

    APPLICATION 1. The Automatic Scrap Motor Rotor Stator Shredding Separating Production Line can process scrap electric rotor, stator, wire bundle and transformer from household appliances, electric tools, etc. After processing, you can get c

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    Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine
  • AC Radiator Stripping Machine

    AC/Car/Water-tank Radiator Copper Aluminum Separator Machine is very suitable for single-layer and double-layer copper tube radiators. Usually, it can process three different ranges of radiators: 19mm, 21mm and 25mm. Application Copper Alum

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    AC Radiator Stripping Machine