Waste Mobile Phone Recycling & Processing

Waste Mobile Phone Recycling & Processing

Material Description

Small circuit boards in various obsolete phones.

After Recovered

Precious metals, copper and resin powder

Material Recycling Processing

The recycling and utilization of waste circuit boards mainly go through the following processes. The first is the recycling of waste circuit boards, then the centralized dismantling, removing the components on the circuit boards, and doing sorting and recycling (precious metal extraction, etc.). The mother board is then crushed and pulverized to obtain resin powder and metal powder. During this period, dust removal equipment can be equipped to perform dust removal, so that it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Technology Process


The circuit board is disassembled to remove various electronic components above. Some components can be extracted with precious metals, such as CPU. The remaining motherboards are crushed and crushed. After multiple sorting, resin can be obtained. Powder and metal powder. Generally, more than 85% of the metal powder is copper, and the rest are rare precious metal elements such as gold, silver, tin, and palladium. The market price is very high, and the resin powder can be used in the wood-plastic industry, plywood, and plywood. , Or filling materials, and ultimately realize recycling and reuse of waste materials, and obtain objective economic benefits.

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