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How to shred and separate aluminum and plastic in waste aluminum composite panel?

2022-01-18 15:42:29

Aluminum-plastic medicine board is the waste, defective product packaging, and leftovers produced by pharmaceutical factories or medical institutions. There are single-sided aluminum medicine board and double-sided aluminum medicine board. The aluminum content of single-sided aluminum-plastic medicine board is generally 10-12%, and the double-sided aluminum-aluminum content is higher. Plastic is generally PVC material, but also PP material. The aluminum-plastic plate separator is a set of technological processes to decompose these wastes into aluminum and plastics. Aluminum can be made into aerated aluminum powder paste, fireworks powder, etc., and plastic can be processed into sheets and made of PVC and other materials.

It is separated by the aluminum-plastic separation production line, and the modern electrostatic metal separation technology is adopted by the physical method of shredding and crushing, so that the aluminum powder and the plastic material are completely separated. The advantage of this separation method is that the production line is automatically separated, and the separated aluminum powder sells well! No matter how small the aluminum-plastic board scraps can be fed and separated. The aluminum-plastic board baking machine cannot separate the small aluminum-plastic board waste.


The aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment is well-designed and adopts physical separation technology. The equipment technology such as crusher, high-voltage electrostatic separator, and aluminum-plastic mill in the supporting equipment can realize the processing of various aluminum-plastic composites and mixtures. Considering that all kinds of waste aluminum-plastic cover a large area and contain a lot of impurities, it takes manpower and material resources to sort out. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is first crushed and then finely crushed, and then magnetic separation is carried out to remove iron, and then it enters the grinding mill. The powdery aluminum-plastic mixture material enters the electrostatic separation equipment for sorting. During the sorting process, there is a dust removal device to collect dust. , which also solves the pollution problem.

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The above are some relevant introductions about the recycling of aluminum composite panels. If you have ideas or plans in this regard, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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