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How to separate metal copper from waste wire?

2022-01-19 15:03:53

We use electricity anytime and anywhere in our life. Various household TVs, refrigerators and industrial wires are found in every corner of our life.

There are also a lot of surplus or scrapped wires. How to deal with this kind of electric cables that occupy the space and are temporarily shelved?

I believe that many people will take copper from cables for waste utilization and realize secondary recycling. So how much do you know about the method of taking copper from scrap copper wires?


There are two traditional methods of copper extraction: fire copper method and water powder washing copper method. The first method is fire copper extraction method. Fire copper extraction is to use fire to melt the plastic of the cable sheath through fire. The process produces a Carbon dioxide, which will pollute the air, is not recommended under today's environmental protection policies.

The second is the water-powder copper washing method. Water is continuously added in the process of crushing and separation. Since water is used in the production process, it will generally cause secondary pollution to the environment and is not suitable for use at present.

The above two traditional waste cable recycling methods not only cause losses to the quality of copper taken and the secondary recycling of outer sheath plastics, but also cause certain pollution to the environment, so is there a better separation method?

A new technology "dry physical separation method" is the most efficient and environmentally friendly separation method at present. It adopts a dry physical separation method. The waste cables are passed through coarse crushing, iron removal, fine crushing, The dual process flow of specific gravity separation and electrostatic separation realizes the separation of copper and plastic. The separation effect can reach nearly 99% of the copper and plastic recovery rate. Because the copper separated from cables and wires is the size of rice grains, it is also called "Copper rice machine" is currently the most environmentally friendly and easy-to-use method for copper extraction from cables.

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