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How does tire rubber crushing equipment work?

2022-01-17 11:11:54

Tire shredding equipment is an industrial equipment that has become more and more popular in the past 2 years, so very few people know about it, and there are very few manufacturers that manufacture this machine equipment. However, as everyone slowly explores the efficacy of this type of equipment, it is used more and more in various fields. The tire crushing equipment is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer and a shredder. The cutting knives are clustered and arranged on the shredding shaft, and the two shafts are generally used for shredding. During the operation of the equipment, the shredding shaft rotates slowly under the push of the motor and the reducer, and the raw material falls into the machine equipment under the action of the feeding belt conveyor, and is then torn off by the two shafts. Knives and shredded raw material, which are then transported out by the unloading conveyor. The tire crushing equipment uses the principle of mutual cutting, tearing and extrusion forming between the knives to produce and process metal composite materials.


It is used to pulverize all kinds of solid wastes, and is generally used to solve solid wastes and block wastes in large cities. The eco-environmental protection industry includes crushing and volume reduction, resource regeneration, waste incineration preparation and waste landfill. The mechanical equipment is designed with low speed gear, large torque, and has the characteristics of large crushing force, high production volume, low noise and good reliability. The key basic principle of tire crushing equipment is the basic concept of applying special tools for striking. Driven by a fast high-torque motor, the hammer head on the rotor of the server motor collides with the objects to be broken into the cavity, and shatters them into broken objects that meet the specifications. According to the operating state of the cutting knife, tire shredders can be divided into dry, wet and semi-wet types. The key to the dry system software is that the crushed raw materials must go through the airflow screening system software to separate metal materials and non-metal materials.

In addition, all system software is equipped with dust removal device. The wet system software of the tire shredding plant means that water is sprayed at the same time as shredding, and washed with tap water at the same time as express sorting. The semi-wet system software only sprays a small amount of water when damage is required to avoid dust.

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