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How to separate and recycle aluminum from aluminum-plastic waste?

2022-02-18 10:58:24

In our daily life, we often encounter various aluminum-plastic packaging items, such as pharmaceutical packaging, broken bridge aluminum, aluminum-plastic panels, etc. These materials contain a large amount of aluminum, and aluminum is a non-renewable resource and has certain Economic and utilization value, because many people began to find ways to recycle the aluminum in these aluminum-plastic wastes and then resell or reuse them. So how to get pure aluminum from aluminum-plastic waste?

Aluminum plastic waste

Here we need to use equipment specially used for aluminum-plastic recycling - aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling production line. The specific process is as follows:

First, crush and grind the large amount of aluminum-plastic waste we collected, and then use electrostatic sorting equipment for sorting. The process is relatively simple, but in order to obtain pure aluminum, a lot of debugging work is required, because different materials have different The recycling effect is also different, because when customers choose aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling equipment, it is recommended to do a test machine with materials to check the final effect, and then proceed to the next step or purchase.

Aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling equipment is currently a relatively advanced and efficient recycling method for aluminum-plastic waste. Its advantages are as follows:

Aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling equipment follows

1. High efficiency and stability, high recovery efficiency.

2. Mechanical and physical operation, and then equipped with pulse dust removal equipment, will not cause pollution to the environment.

3. It can be customized and debugged according to the customer's materials to achieve the best discharge effect.

4. High cost performance, good investment benefit and sustainable development.

As a professional manufacturer of recycling equipment, SUNY GROUP has its own unique advantages and rich experience in aluminum-plastic sorting equipment. It adopts customized methods for different customers, first see the actual effect, and then customize the production. If you have this You are welcome to consult with us at any time, and we will give you detailed information and plans in a timely manner.

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