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Automated process for dismantling electronic components by circuit board dismantling equipment

2022-02-21 14:34:34

The disassembly of electronic components can be done by electronic component disassembly equipment, or by using a tin melting furnace, but now the common use is manual disassembly and chemical separation. However, in addition to the processing of electronic component disassembly equipment, other circuit board disassembly has disadvantages. For example, the cost of manual disassembly makes the recycling of components only feasible when recycling high-value elements. Manual disassembly is mainly time-consuming. , is labor-intensive, not feasible, and in the case of recyclers, electronic components are handled in such a way that the presence of components may detract from the final residual value of the smelter, or prevent any fragmentation, granulation process.


Larger recyclers generally undertake a certain degree of dismantling of waste PCBs, followed by sorting, grading, and crushing operations. The use of equipment to separate out the iron and aluminum components increases the value of the final ground product. The recycler's output is either sent to a landfill or to a smelter, and only the circuit boards that are forwarded to the smelting operation are those parts that contain sufficient quantities of precious metals to make recycling feasible. All non-precious metal-containing scrap circuit boards are sent to landfill.

Now, the SUNY GROUP circuit board dismantling equipment is handled in this way. The waste circuit boards are put into the circuit board dismantling equipment. Recycling, compared with this other method, circuit board dismantling equipment seems to be more feasible, not only saves time and effort, but also has considerable benefits and efficiency.

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