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Working principle of waste copper and aluminum radiator recycling production line

2022-03-01 17:52:56

The scrap treatment of automobiles and the replacement of indoor air conditioners have produced a large amount of scrap copper and aluminum radiators. Because of the high content of non-ferrous metals in copper and aluminum radiators, there are many customers specializing in the recycling of air conditioner radiators. With the rapid development of China's economy, the labor cost has greatly increased, so that the past method of recycling and regenerating air-conditioning radiators is no longer applicable. Instead, advanced air-conditioning radiator crushing and separator equipment is used.

Working principle of waste copper and aluminum radiator recycling production line

The copper-aluminum water tank separator is processed by mechanical crushing, which is processed in batches. The air-conditioning radiator can be transported to the crusher through the feeding conveyor for processing, and then the separator equipment uses the principle of different proportions of copper and aluminum. Copper and aluminum are completely sorted. In this way, the output of the entire production line is relatively high.

Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine

The waste copper and aluminum radiator recycling production line adopts the method of physical crushing, sorting and recycling. First, the materials are roughly crushed by the first crusher, and then crushed by the second crusher. Go to the airflow sorting for wind selection. The small crushing and separation production line can process 2 tons of waste air conditioner radiators in one hour, and the 6-meter feeding conveyor can transport a piece of air conditioner radiator in three seconds. After careful calculation, it can produce 2 tons per hour. Quantity is no problem.

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