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How to separate and recycle waste aluminum-plastic medicine board and aluminum-plastic film?

2022-03-02 16:26:18

Waste aluminum-plastic medicine board, aluminum-plastic film composite board, aluminum-plastic waste recycling and separation processing equipment The equipment for the separation and recycling of aluminum and plastic in composite materials, the separation purity can reach 99%.

The equipment can process raw materials: aluminum-plastic waste medicine board, aluminum-plastic ceiling, aluminum-plastic decorative board waste, aluminum-plastic leftovers and other aluminum-plastic composite materials.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Process flow:

1. The waste aluminum-plastic medicine board is separated from the aluminum-plastic film ceiling and the aluminum-plastic composite board waste recycling and processing equipment first crushes the aluminum-plastic composite material through the knife crusher, which is convenient for the next grinding separation;

2. The crushed aluminum-plastic material enters the circulating water-cooled grinding system for grinding, and the aluminum-plastic is ground into powder for separation, and then enters the rotary vibrating screen for screening;

3. The rotary vibrating screen is used to sieve the mixed materials after grinding. After grinding, the larger unqualified particles continue to be milled, and the qualified materials enter the electrostatic separator for the next step of sorting;

4. According to the different physical properties of aluminum and plastic, the electrostatic separator separates aluminum and plastic, and the separation purity reaches 99%.

Equipment advantages:

1. SUNY GROUP is directly supplied by the manufacturer of waste recycling and processing equipment for separating aluminum-plastic film ceiling and aluminum-plastic composite board from waste aluminum-plastic medicine board, and you can come to the factory to test the sorting effect;

2. PLC (automatic digital control program), simple operation, stable performance, one person can work, saving labor cost;

3. The equipment is equipped with electrostatic separation equipment, the separation and separation purity is nearly 100%, and the finished product can be sold directly, which has good social and economic benefits;

4. Dry physical separation technology, no waste water and waste gas discharge, green environmental protection sorting equipment, in line with national environmental protection policies;

5. The waste aluminum-plastic medicine board is separated from the aluminum-plastic film ceiling and the aluminum-plastic composite board waste recycling and processing equipment is equipped with a circulating water cooling device to avoid the sticking phenomenon of the material during the grinding process;

6. The equipment is designed in one piece, occupies a small area and saves floor space;

7. The equipment has low power consumption, low noise, large processing capacity, fast separation and sorting speed, and high efficiency;

8. Equipped with a rotary vibrating screening device, so that the materials are ground evenly, all separated, and the sorting effect is improved;

9. The configuration can be adjusted according to different materials, and the equipment can be customized according to customer needs.

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