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Waste circuit board precious metal refining technology equipment

2022-02-28 10:41:25

E Waste Scrap Surface Metal Stripping Machine (gold deplating machine) is aimed at the gold stripping treatment of gold-plated materials in discarded electronic products.

Our Gold Deplating System applies to various gold-plated scraps generated in our daily life, such as waste cellphone circuit boards, computer CPUs, motherboards, VCDs, DVDs, TVs, game consoles, fax machines, telephone sets and many other old domestic appliances, as well as those leftovers and off-cuts from the electroplating factory, electronic components manufacturing factory, printing house.


By using this system, the final product is pure gold, with purity 99.



1. The Deplating Agent Contains No Cyanide or Poisonous Substances.

2. Quick Deplating Speed, With An Average Rate Of 0.5-2 mm/min.

3. Stripping Is Accurate, And Gold Can Be Selectively Separated ,No Stain To The Nickel or Tin Layer.

4. High Efficiency With A Separation Rate of 99%, And High Gold Purity.

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