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E-waste recycling plant process and related equipment

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Disassembly process planning and disassembly work

The goal of the disassembly process plan is to formulate procedural steps and software tools to form a disassembly strategy and disassembly configuration system: analysis of investment figures and output; assembly analysis; analysis of uncertain problems: determination of dismantling strategies.

The current disassembly process is mainly to remove harmful components and recycle reusable or valuable components and materials.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine
Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Mechanical and physical recycling process of electronic waste

Screening is not only used to provide raw materials that meet the specific mechanical process and size, but also can increase the metal content. Rotary screening or (rotary) ore sieve (drum for washing ore) is used for basic screening of metal recycling. Vibration screening is also commonly used, especially for the recovery of non-ferrous metals.

Shape separation technology is mainly used to control the particle characteristics of the powder industry. The basic working principle of this process flow makes use of the following differences:

The velocity of the particles on the inclined solid wall; the time required for the particles to pass through the reticular narrow hole; the cohesion of the solid wall of the particles; the speed of the particles' precipitation in the liquid.

Magnetic sorting: the use of different magnetic susceptibility characteristics of different materials, the introduction of rare-earth hydromagnetic materials, can provide high strength, high gradient magnetic field. Strong magnetic field sorting can successfully sort at least three alloy families: large relative mass, medium quality, low relative mass, or diamagnetic copper alloy.

Conductivity separation: Separate materials according to their different conductivity (or resistivity). There are three typical conductivity separation techniques: vortex separation, corona electrostatic separation, and triboelectric separation.

PCB Dismantling Machine
PCB Dismantling Machine

New improvements in particle rotating turbine separators

Rotary turbine separators have been successfully applied in several non-ferrous metal separation and recovery operations. The most common is the recovery of non-ferrous metals from scrapped cars and municipal solid waste. In view of the size requirements of raw materials, the use of traditional rotary turbine separators is limited. Particle size is larger than 5 mm, even 10 mm.

Corona electrostatic separation

Corona electrostatic separation, applicable to particles in the range of 0.1-5mm, is an important technology. This process has been used extensively in the materials processing industry and in exhaust gas cable recycling. In the corona electrostatic separation, the electrode device, the speed of the rotating shaft, the moisture content and the size have a decisive and significant influence on the sorting result.

In conclusion

Characteristics of e-waste for the development of effective separation technology provides a sound, reasonable, reliable, and solid foundation for in-depth research. In order to sort, electronic waste must be crushed into small particles, usually below 10mm or even 5mm, and mechanical sorting is used. Eddy current separation and corona electrostatic separation are important process flows, providing alternative methods for sorting particles of electronic waste. Research investigations so far have focused on recovering precious metals from discarded personal computers and printed circuit boards.

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