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Aluminum plastic plate separator details and advantages

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Source of raw material for aluminum-plastic plate separator: waste aluminum-plastic, waste aluminum foil plastic comes from the corner waste of pharmaceutical factories, aluminum-plastic plate factories, food and beverage factories, and other aluminum foil packaging industries, waste soft packaging bags, capsule boards, toothpaste in waste stations Peel, wahaha bottles, etc.

Further processing after separation of aluminum-plastic plate: After the waste aluminum foil and waste aluminum foil plastic enter the factory, the aluminum-plastic separator is used for direct production to completely separate aluminum foil from plastic. After recycling, the recovered aluminum foil can be used to smelt aluminum ingots, and it is also the raw material of silver powder factory, fireworks factory, aluminum factory (refined into aluminum lake).

aluminum-plastic medicine

Advantages of the new aluminum-plastic plate separator:

First, the aluminum-plastic plate separator adds a self-contained air blade feeding device on the basis of the old-style crusher, thereby solving the shortcoming of the old equipment that is easy to block;

2. The rotary vibrating screen device is added to the aluminum-plastic plate separator, which improves the purity and output of the sorting;

3. The water-cooled grinder is added to the aluminum-plastic plate separator, which solves the problem of incomplete separation of metal and metal separation due to excessive temperature during grinding;

4. Adding a feeder in the lower bin of the aluminum-plastic plate separator makes the material distribution more uniform, not easy to block, and improves the equipment's feeding and conveying effect. Depending on the size of the material, users can also be equipped with a specific gravity sorter as a supporting device to increase equipment output.

working principle:

The aluminum-plastic medicine board separator is an environmentally-friendly production process that divides the aluminum-plastic composite board into coarse and crushed iron, decomposes it into a mixture of aluminum and plastic, and then enters a high-voltage electrostatic separator to separate it into aluminum and plastic. It does not need to be burned and washed with water, so there is no pollution problem of waste smoke and waste water. There is no dust pollution in the whole process, and it is completely dry physical and mechanical decomposition and separation, and the metal recovery rate can reach more than 99%. Double recycling of aluminum and plastic. Aluminum can be processed to produce firework powder, chemical aluminum ingots, etc. Plastic can be used as filler or extruded pellets to make other plastic products.

Adapted materials:

Aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic plate recycling equipment) applicable materials are: discarded tablet board, aluminum-plastic composite board, waste aluminum-plastic decorative board, aluminum-plastic medicine board, aluminum-plastic door and window material, aluminum-plastic drama, aluminum-plastic shavings, Aluminum-plastic diamond flower, aluminum-plastic edge strip, aluminum-plastic capacitor material and other aluminum-plastic composite materials that need to be decomposed.

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