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Precious metal extraction and refining technology and equipment innovation and upgrade

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The fully automatic processing equipment for waste power batteries is a product of the same series of lithium battery recycling equipment. SUNY GROUP has determined the economic, social and environmental protection of the fully automatic processing equipment for waste power batteries from the perspective of environmental protection, objectively, fair, and scientifically. Aspect consistency.

Precious Metal Refining Machine
Precious Metal Refining Machine

The advanced nature of the process route:

1. The principle of process plan selection: use batteries of different materials as the basis for crushing and sorting, and the full-automatic processing equipment for waste power batteries has high environmental protection efficiency.

2. The process technology is advanced, easy to operate, and the selected process route is reasonable.

3. It has strong applicability to raw material processing and can adapt to the processing of multiple raw materials.

4. The investment is province, the construction period is short, and the effect is quick.

5. It meets the needs of environmentally friendly production, and achieves the advantages of practicality, durability, easy operation and simple maintenance. On the basis of meeting the production needs, it also meets the needs of environmental protection.

6. The fully automatic processing equipment for waste power batteries can comprehensively recycle various valuable metals in failed lithium-ion batteries.

SUNY GROUP has determined the feasibility and operability of this set of lithium ion battery crushing equipment line, which can effectively recycle and recycle the metal valuable substances produced by waste power lithium batteries. The set of equipment has a total length of more than 20 meters and mainly contains lithium. Battery shredder, lithium battery shredder, lithium battery shredder and other main stand-alone products.

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