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Process flow of copper electrolysis workshop

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Electrolytic copper production process and process copper smelting methods can be divided into two categories: pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy. More than the world's refined copper output is recovered from copper sulfide concentrate and recycled copper using pyrometallurgy, while the refined copper produced by hydrometallurgy only accounts for about. There are many methods of pyrometallurgical pyrometallurgical copper smelting, mainly including: blast furnace smelting, reverberatory furnace smelting, flash smelting, electric furnace smelting, etc. From the above process flow chart of copper smelting, it can be seen that copper sulfide concentrate (copper content -) can be smelted by several different metallurgical methods to obtain matte, and then through converter blowing to obtain blister copper with copper content greater than. Because the quality of blister copper still cannot meet the requirements of industrial copper, the refined copper obtained after refining must contain copper.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Copper Electrolysis Machine

In the process of smelting copper sulfide concentrates, it can also recover sulfur, gold, silver, antimony, bismuth, nickel, selenium and other valuable elements. Copper smelting process flow chart. In China, copper is mainly extracted from copper concentrates. At present, the most advanced method of French metallurgy is flash smelting, whose output accounts for more than the national copper output. Due to its low energy consumption and large scale, it can effectively control environmental pollution and other advantages. This smelting technology is being developed day by day in the copper smelting industry.

Flash smelting can be divided into two types according to the working principle of different furnace types: flash smelting and flash smelting.

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