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Waste tire pellet equipment production line

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The waste tire pellet machine is a device that processes waste tires into pellets through a combination of two processes of decomposing tires and crushing. Only two people are required to operate. The rubber pellets are extremely valuable and profitable. They are widely used in rubber floor tiles and recycling. Rubber factory, waterproof membrane factory, rubber track, rubber product factory, etc.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine
Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Product advantages: This set of equipment has a small footprint, low investment, low energy consumption, green and pollution-free, and the entire set of equipment has a high degree of automation.

Operation process: waste tires → ring cutter → strip cutter → block cutter → conveyor → coarse crusher → conveyor → middle crusher → conveyor magnetic separator → pellet machine → cyclone magnetic separator → (screening machine) → Inspection→Warehousing

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