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SUNY GROUP Machinery, a manufacturer of high-quality lithium battery recycling and processing equipment, is more important in the recycling and utilization of power lithium batteries. Lithium batteries contain cobalt, aluminum, copper, lithium, nickel, diaphragm paper, and plastic paper. Such renewable resources have great recycling value.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine
Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment guarantees the recovery efficiency of copper and aluminum metals, is beneficial to the recycling profit of lithium-ion batteries, and is also beneficial to the processing and recycling value of new energy lithium batteries and power lithium batteries. Waste lithium battery recycling equipment guarantees the recovery efficiency of copper and aluminum metals.

The crushed materials are then subjected to magnetic separation by a magnetic separator. After magnetic separation, they enter the screening system for sieving. Some of the mixed materials enter the air separation system for centralized air separation, and the battery shell plastic and battery diaphragm are separated. The copper-aluminum material on the negative electrode enters the secondary air-flow sorting machine to sort out the copper-aluminum material by using the relationship of the gravity of the copper and aluminum.

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