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Precious metal separation and refining process

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Precious Metal Refining Machine
Precious Metal Refining Machine

1. Nitric acid separation method

The nitric acid separation method can be used to extract gold. Pour concentrated nitric acid into a beaker, and put the metal that needs to be refined into the beaker. Then put the beaker on the beaker holder while heating it with an alcohol lamp, and then you can get flake gold.

2. Aqua regia separation method

In addition, the aqua regia separation method can also be used to extract gold. After one part of nitric acid and three parts of hydrochloric acid are prepared into aqua regia, the metal to be refined is put into the aqua regia, and the metal reaction is completed and then filtered. After heating, and finally putting in the copper sheet for replacement, the gold can also be extracted.

3. Sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide separation method

Mix sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide in a one-to-one ratio, and then put the technology to be refined into the sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide solution. After the metal reaction is over, the yellow metal object obtained is gold.

Raw material for gold extraction

In the past, the raw materials for gold extraction mainly came from gold ore, and gold-bearing ore mined from gold mines also contained other precious metals. As we all know, gold has a wide range of applications, such as electronic components, jewelry, batteries, medical films, circuits, and so on. So now electronic waste and jewelry scraps can also be used to extract gold and other precious metals.

Gold refining is a process that removes impurities in gold mud or alloy gold so that gold products can meet the requirements of gold transaction quality standards.

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