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Recycling of waste lithium batteries

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Lithium battery crushing and sorting equipment which Haoxingmao Machinery, as there are hundreds of millions of mobile phones in the world, to achieve safety, the failure rate of safety protection must be less than one in 100 million. Because the failure rate of circuit boards is generally much higher than one in 100 million. Therefore, when the battery system is designed, there must be more than two safety lines of defense. A common wrong design is to use an adaptor to directly charge the battery pack. In this way, the overcharge protection is fully handed over to the protection board on the battery pack. Although the failure rate of the protection board is not high, even if the failure rate is as low as one in a million, there is still a chance that accidents will occur every day in the world. If the battery system can provide two safety protections against overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent, if the failure rate of each protection is one in 10,000, the two protections can reduce the failure rate to one in 100 million.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Relevant lithium battery processing equipment in the lithium battery recycling equipment series. The lithium battery pole piece processing equipment is based on the new energy scrapping tide. When a large number of lithium batteries are difficult to handle and difficult to process, it is imperative to develop and produce an environmentally friendly type Clean separation process, our lithium battery recycling equipment process technology has the characteristics of low production cost, short process and so on. The separation of metals and separators in lithium battery recycling equipment is really good.

Lithium cobalt oxide lithium-ion batteries cannot be discharged at high currents, are expensive, and have poor safety. Lithium primary batteries have poor safety and risk of occurrence. Disadvantages specific energy refers to the energy per unit weight or unit volume. Specific energy is expressed in Wh/kg or Wh/L. Wh is the unit of energy, W is watt and h is hour; kg is kilogram (weight unit, L is liter (volume unit).

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