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Copper electrolysis process and characteristics of scrap copper refining

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Work flow: Copper electrolysis treatment and recovery equipment is mainly based on the principle of copper electrolysis to purify blister copper. The separated metal part is cast into copper electrolytic anode plate through intermediate frequency smelting for electrolytic copper. Because a large number of non-ferrous metals are used in the circuit board manufacturing process In conventional electrolysis, rare earth metals and precious metals often passivate the anode and cause the electrolysis to not proceed normally. It is recommended to adopt a pulse automatic electrode-changing electrolysis system, which not only effectively solves the problem of anode passivation, but also helps to loosen the anode mud. The time adjustment is arbitrarily set on the cycle time relay on the panel of the electrolysis control cabinet.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Copper Electrolysis Machine

The copper electrolysis treatment and recovery equipment is composed of multiple IGBT automatic power control modules and belongs to the digital pulse power equipment. A semi-automatic vertical mold is used when casting the anode plate. In order to shorten the electrolysis cycle, the thickness of the anode is generally controlled at 10 mm to 30 mm. In the electrolysis, the cathode of the electrolytic cell is electrolytically pure copper, and the anode contains precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Anode slime is cleaned, reduction smelting and oxidation smelting are carried out in an intermediate frequency furnace and a converting furnace. The smelted precious metal alloy block is water crushed, and then the precious metal is produced to extract, separate and refine various precious metals. In the production workshop, exhaust gas absorption devices with ozone must be set up in all places where tail gas is produced, and tail liquid diversion devices must be set up in all places where tail liquid is produced, to divert the tail liquid to the wastewater treatment workshop for treatment and discharge or reuse after reaching the standard.

Copper electrolytic refining equipment blister copper purification production line​Product features:

1. The treated electrolytic waste liquid can fully meet the national emission standards;

2. The electrolysis process is automatically controlled, which saves about 50% of labor compared with the traditional process;

3. The exhaust gas treatment system can recycle and produce useful chemical raw materials, increasing the benefits of enterprises;

4. The best automatic electrode-changing electrolysis technology greatly improves the electrolysis efficiency and shortens the electrolysis cycle;

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