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Introduction to Lithium-ion battery recycling equipment

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The lithium battery recycling and processing equipment crushes the raw materials with multiple blades to crush and crush the raw materials, which are separated and processed by the air flow sorting facility, and there is a pulse dust removal facility to collect the dust generated during the separation process and subsequent processes. A green, high-quality closed circuit system for the full life cycle of the battery is formed. The separation in the lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment consists of magnetic separation and winnowing. Magnetic separation can separate the ferromagnetic materials in the crushed material; the winnowing can separate the powder in the crushed material and the lighter plastic diaphragm, etc. It is sorted out, and part of the volatile electrolyte adhered to the material is drawn out with the wind; the pretreatment and recycling of waste lithium-ion batteries is mainly to use mechanical equipment for crushing, winnowing and pulverizing the recycled waste lithium batteries after discharge. , Gravity sorting, sieving, etc., to effectively separate the active materials on the positive and negative pole pieces from the copper and aluminum foil, and process the battery into materials containing valuable metals.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine
Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium battery recycling equipment process: the material from the conveyor is sent to the primary crusher for coarse crushing, the coarsely crushed material is sent to the secondary crusher through the conveyor for secondary crushing, and the material crushed by the secondary crusher enters the conveyor. At the same time, a magnetic separation device is set up to separate the iron in the material. After the material conveyor and magnetic separator remove the iron, they enter the three-crusher for fine crushing and crush the material to powder. The material in powder state enters the cyclone separator from the negative pressure system for air filtration, and falls on the air separator through the fan, and is sorted by the air separator, so that substances of different densities are stratified to obtain metal separation. , And all non-metals are brought into the pulse dust collector by the negative pressure system for concentration. The filtered tail gas will continue to be sent from the negative pressure system to the tail gas treatment equipment for air purification, so that it can meet the emission standards before being discharged at high altitude.

Lithium battery positive and negative sheet crushing and recycling equipment is a kind of sustainable development equipment. The so-called sustainable development theory emphasizes saving resources, protecting resources and optimizing the use of resources, reducing the waste of earth resources on which humans depend, and many basic resources Especially those non-renewable resources are not infinitely available. If resources are not saved and protected, mankind will face the exhaustion of resources. Especially in a country with a large population and a serious shortage of per capita resources, sustainable development is particularly important. .

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