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Rubber tire recycling machine

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The waste tire rubber powder equipment is to process waste tires and waste rubber into ultra-fine rubber powder (5-80 mesh), and completely separate the three major materials contained in the tire: rubber, steel wire, and fiber at one time.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Through the "rubber reducing agent", waste rubber can be restored to the state before unvulcanized, and various rubber products can be made to achieve waste recycling. Yumin's tire crushing production line has experienced several years of development and mature technology. It can process, crush and reuse waste tires. It is also an ideal method for harmless, resource-based and industrialized treatment of "black pollution".

In addition to the production of rubber products such as tires, raw rubber powder has a wide market in the fields of modified asphalt paving highways, railways and subway sleepers, sports tracks, anti-leakage and anti-seepage materials, construction materials, rubber and plastic products, etc. .


Separator for electronic components Circuit board disassembly machine

Dismantle and separate substrates and electronic components of circuit boards of a variety of discarded household appliances.

Structural feature:

1. Circuit board electronic component scraper conveyor: it is composed of the tin removal furnace, automatic dismantling machine, automatic dust exhaust and dust collection system, conveyor platform, dismantling room and electric control part, a high degree of automation of the e, replace manual dismantling, shorten the time of dismantling, and cover a small area, etc.

Circuit board high temperature electronic component dismantling machine: the inner tank of the circuit board high temperature dismantling machine uses the 6mm-thick No. 45 anti-skid steel plate, and the outer wall is insulated with the insulating cotton to prevent the loss of temperature and the corresponding production technology; safe and reliable, stable performance, durable and other characteristics, use the automatic heating device of automatic temperature control, forced air supply and flameout self-ignition control, and set up the automatic memory preservation of temperature per time. It is an indispensable ideal tool in the production area of ​​the electronic circuit board industry

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