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Process flow of electrolytic copper foil

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The production process of electrolytic copper foil is simple, and there are three main processes: solution raw foil, surface treatment and product slitting. The production process seems simple, but it integrates electronics, machinery, and electrochemistry, and is a production process that has particularly strict requirements on the production environment. Therefore, up to now, the electrolytic copper foil industry does not have a set of standard and universal production equipment and technologies, and each manufacturer has its own magical powers. This is also an important bottleneck affecting the current domestic electrolytic copper foil production capacity and quality improvement. With further competition in the market, even high value-added electrolytic copper foil has to be controlled from the production cost. Since the production of electrolytic copper foil has very strict requirements on the cleanliness of its electrolytic solution (copper sulfate solution), many filtration systems and liquid pumps have been repeatedly used in the previous production process. A set of new technological processes are provided here, which can fundamentally control product quality and reduce production costs.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Copper Electrolysis Machine

The characteristics of the process flow in Figure 2:

(1) A liquid feeding pump is automatically controlled according to different position differences, which can dissolve copper and produce wool foil, and the production cost can be greatly reduced.

(2) The coating filter material is simple, and the maneuverability is strong. The filtration accuracy can reach 0.2 microns.

(3) The total solution volume is reduced, which makes it easy to control the production process parameters. The copper content of the main salt can be controlled within ±lg/L, and it is also convenient to use online removal of impurities.

(4) It can reduce labor intensity and has a high degree of automation. The copper melting capacity can be controlled by automatically adjusting the valve (solution return valve or air volume) based on online detection. The quality and stability of electrolytic copper foil and wool foil products mainly depend on the formulation and adding method of additives. At present, there are many formulations of electrolytic copper foil additives, and different formulations can adjust different product grain structures, mainly) the dosing of disposable filter materials represented by Japan's Mitsui Company, and the appropriate amount and uniformity represented by the United States Yates Company. Throw in.

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