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Separator for electronic components Circuit board disassembly machine


Dismantle and separate substrates and electronic components of circuit boards of a variety of discarded household appliances.

PCB Dismantling Machine

PCB Dismantling Machine

Structural feature:

1. Circuit board electronic component scraper conveyor: it is composed of the tin removal furnace, automatic dismantling machine, automatic dust exhaust and dust collection system, conveyor platform, dismantling room and electric control part, a high degree of automation of the e, replace manual dismantling, shorten the time of dismantling, and cover a small area, etc.

Circuit board high temperature electronic component dismantling machine: the inner tank of the circuit board high temperature dismantling machine uses the 6mm-thick No. 45 anti-skid steel plate, and the outer wall is insulated with the insulating cotton to prevent the loss of temperature and the corresponding production technology; safe and reliable, stable performance, durable and other characteristics, use the automatic heating device of automatic temperature control, forced air supply and flameout self-ignition control, and set up the automatic memory preservation of temperature per time. It is an indispensable ideal tool in the production area of ​​the electronic circuit board industry

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