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Equipment for refining and extracting precious metals from waste circuit boards

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Discarded circuit boards are characterized by great multi-phase and relatively high complexity. For integrated waste circuit boards, the complexity is greater. In particular, the level of inorganic substances is different. The levels of precious metals, copper, solder, various alloy components, non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals are relatively low. Therefore, the inherent physical and chemical differences of materials and components in waste circuit boards are very different. In fact, e-waste as a whole allows them to be separated into different parts of recycling methods. Now Kaidi mechanical circuit board recycling equipment adopts the method of specific gravity and high voltage electrostatic separation for the recycling of waste circuit boards.

Precious Metal Refining Machine

Precious Metal Refining Machine

In addition, the metal and non-metal resources in the circuit boards have high potential value and are harmful to the environment after being discarded. Therefore, the recycling of waste circuit boards with great recycling value and far-reaching environmental protection significance is imperative. As the focus and difficulty of the recycling of electronic waste, the co-collection and utilization of waste circuit boards is still facing huge challenges. The separation of metal and non-metal in circuit boards is the key to the recycling of waste circuit boards. The quality of the separation method determines the efficiency of the entire recycling. Therefore, it is still necessary to actively explore the The method of metal separation.

The disposal of waste printed circuit boards in electronic waste has always been a very complex problem. According to the combination of various components in the waste circuit boards, the use of mechanical methods to separate materials is an economical, applicable and environmentally compatible treatment method. This article introduces various mechanical equipment used in waste circuit board recycling technology, and summarizes the practical progress of foreign mechanical disposal methods. Kaidi Machinery briefly summarized the characteristics of discarded circuit boards, analyzed the state of metal in the circuit board, and used a high-efficiency impact crusher to achieve the effective dissociation of metal and non-metal according to the characteristics of the circuit board. The parameters of the drum electrostatic sorter realize the effective recovery of the metal-rich group in the waste circuit board. The test results show that the aluminum and copper in the slot have been dissociated at about 5 mm, and the copper on the circuit board substrate is basically obtained at about 0.5 mm Dissociation; through electrostatic separation, the recovery rates of copper and aluminum in the metal-rich group of -2+0.5 mm grain size reached 95% and 90%, respectively.

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