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Complete treatment equipment for waste radiator recycling

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The radiator crushing and separation equipment is also known as the radiator copper-aluminum water tank separator, which can handle various large radiators and copper-aluminum water tanks or motor rotors (with shafts) less than 15cm or less.

Radiator Recycling Machine

Radiator Recycling Machine

Product advantages

1. The separation speed is fast, the work efficiency is high, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is easy.

2. The waste radiator copper-aluminum water tank separator adopts PLC control, so that the system equipment can work in coordination and feed evenly.

3. Simple structure, reasonable layout; strong processing capacity, stable operation; strong and durable, safe and reliable.

4. The shredder adopts a two-axis pair-roller design, which has the advantages of low noise, large torque, and large crushing chamber.

5. The magnetic separation equipment adopts a strong magnetic drum-type separator to make the separation rate as high as 99%.

6. The air flow sorting machine is used for sorting, and the sorting can reach 97%.

7. The dust removal rate of the pulse dust removal system is 99%, which effectively suppresses dust spillage, and fully meets the national environmental protection requirements "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" GB16297-1996, no secondary pollution.

working principle

Radiator crushing and separation equipment Waste air-conditioning radiator copper-aluminum separator The new type of copper-aluminum water tank crushing and separation production line is to recycle the copper-aluminum radiators disassembled from air-conditioners, generators, etc., and sort out the copper, iron, and aluminum. The processing process of the new type of copper-aluminum water tank crushing separation production line has lower metal loss compared with the processing technology of European and American countries, minimizes the number of times the material is broken, and ensures that the material is separated in a good state, thereby reducing the production of metal powder and improving recycling benefit.

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