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Tire crushing equipment automated production line

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The room temperature treatment production line for waste tires has a large processing capacity and the environmental protection technology reaches the standard. Gongyi Ruisec will further make innovative use of waste tire rubber powder equipment, waste tire recycling production line, waste tire processing pellet equipment, waste tire crusher, and tire crusher. Our company New measures are implemented to upgrade the environmental protection process and system, and become the main product process line recommended by our company.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Advantages and characteristics:

1. The waste tire mill is equipped with a water cooling system, so that the finished rubber powder does not coagulate.

2. Equipped with semi-automatic and full-automatic selection specifications, which can be arbitrarily matched.

3. Optional application of 10-100 mesh processed product specifications.

4. Rubber powder is required for modified asphalt, reclaimed rubber, and raw materials for waterproofing membranes.

5. The tire rubber powder equipment line has a favorable price, and the field manufacturers can inspect at any time.

6. The production capacity can be arbitrarily put into production from 200kg/h-2000kg/h.

7. The separation rate of the finished rubber powder and the capillary steel wire of the waste tire mill is over 99.8%.

8. The use of environmental protection and noise reduction facilities can pass the environmental assessment verification.

9. It belongs to the green project of waste tire recycling, which is recognized by the industry and has a large development space.

10. Advanced and reasonable configuration, providing quality assurance for lifetime maintenance.

11. Large benefit space and wide application range.

The tire crushing equipment line adopts an automated system and an environmental safety system, with safe and stable operation, high production efficiency, and one-key operation. From the automatic production line tire crushing equipment to the export, only 2 people are required, which can reduce the investment cost and meet the requirements of 0.1 -6mm rubber pellets or 3cm large pellets are required for oil refining operations.

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