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Circuit board crushing separation and recycling equipment technology

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At present, physical separation technology is applied to the production line of circuit board recycling equipment to improve the separation purity of copper and metal mixed components of waste circuit boards to achieve a separation purity of more than 99%. The metal materials in the circuit boards are subjected to a three-time separation process, and the circuit boards are recycled. Process step description of equipment production line:

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit board dismantling machine: dismantle the discarded circuit boards, and separate and recycle the electronic components and solder on the circuit boards.

Circuit board crusher: crush the disassembled light board

Circuit board crusher: crush and separate the crushed circuit board materials to a certain fineness.

Analysis machine: the crushed materials are subjected to air separation, resin and copper are separated, and fibers are separated

Collector: collect dust and fibers, and discharge the collected fibers

Pulse dust collector: collect the dust and superfine dust generated in the crushing process

Classification screen: separate resin and copper, return the resin and copper with large particles without separation to the host, and separate the resin and copper for specific gravity separation

Gravity separation: separation of resin and copper, separation of copper and resin

High-voltage electrostatic separation: the unseparated specific gravity tailings are subjected to secondary air separation to separate the metal from the non-metal.

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