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Detailed explanation of the process flow of lithium battery recycling equipment

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Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Sorting process:

1. Shredder: shred the lithium battery

2. Hammer crusher: the shredded materials are subjected to secondary crushing and separation

3. Crusher: crush the crushed materials

4. Analysis machine: sorting and separating the crushed materials

5. Collector: collect and discharge the dust passing through the induced draft fan

6. Pulse purifier (air purifier): Purify the dust of the whole set of equipment.

7. Grading screen: screen the materials sorted by the analyzer, and sort out large metal materials

8. Magnetic separator: separate nickel from metal

9. Specific gravity sorting machine: the fine materials that have passed through the sorting screen are then subjected to specific gravity sorting to completely separate the metal

10. Fan: Put the whole system in a negative pressure state, collect powder and purify the air.

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