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Recycling and disposal of used tires

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Combining the current actual situation and development, the recycling and processing of waste tires mainly adopts the method of crushing and recycling. The collected waste tires are processed in a centralized manner. The tire crushing equipment is used for crushing, grinding to produce rubber particles or rubber powder, and then again It is widely used in various fields.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

The main steps in the recycling of waste tires are: using a wire drawing machine to remove the ring-shaped steel wire-shredder for shredding-wire separator for fine steel wire separation-rubber particles machined particles-grinding to obtain rubber powder. Dust removal equipment can be added in the middle to prevent pollution, and the woolen fiber in the tire can be removed by the fiber separator, making the product more pure and higher quality.

Therefore, the tire crusher is a complete set of equipment. The recycling of waste tires not only needs to be crushed, but also needs to be processed through multiple procedures, and then particles and rubber powder can be obtained and reused.

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