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Aluminum-plastic separation and recycling production line solves the problem of aluminum-plastic was

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In my daily life, there are actually a lot of aluminum-plastic waste, such as various aluminum-plastic tubes (plates), aluminum-plastic bottle caps, aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, medical boards, aluminum foil, etc., and these aluminum-plastic wastes generally have special People collect it because they can separate these aluminum-plastic waste materials from aluminum-plastic to obtain pure aluminum powder and plastic.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum foil packaging bag

We all know that aluminum is a non-renewable resource. Currently, in the domestic market, Chinalco's quotation is 13,800 yuan/ton, which has a good recycling value.

Chinalco Quotation

In the process of recycling aluminum-plastic waste, special separation and recycling equipment is needed, that is, aluminum-plastic separation and recycling production lines.

The principle is as follows:

First of all, we have to collect a large amount of aluminum-plastic waste, and then put it in the crusher for crushing and grinding treatment. There is a rotary vibrating screen in the middle for sieving. Make sure to achieve the required particle size of the material. Finally, it can be passed through an electrostatic separator. Plastic and aluminum are separated and recycled.

Aluminum powder and plastic powder

Because the whole process is physically separated, there is no heating, or water and chemicals, and can be equipped with dust removal equipment, so there is no need to worry about pollution in the actual work process.

Now the whole process can be automated, and the entire line can be completed by 1-2 people.

The sorting rate can reach 99.8%.

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