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Lead-acid battery dismantling and recycling equipment method

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The battery dismantling machine is a green and environmentally friendly product, and the dismantling of used batteries can protect the environment. The operation method of the battery dismantling machine to dismantle the scrap battery of the electric vehicle:

The battery is also called a lead-acid battery. It contains more than 70% of the lead plate and 20% of the acid, so it can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. As a low-noise, rechargeable energy source, batteries have long been widely used in all areas of life. The battery is scrapped after one or two years of use. How to deal with a large number of scrapped batteries? The battery dismantling machine is a device for dismantling scrapped batteries. The battery cover can be cut open, the battery lead and the battery shell are separated, and the battery cover, battery shell and lead block are output separately.

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

The used battery dismantling machine can cut the upper cover and the solid shell of the used battery, so that the lead block and the shell inside the battery are automatically separated, which effectively saves a lot of labor. Used battery dismantling machine can process 17 yuan per minute, which is several times higher than similar products in efficiency. Used battery dismantling machine, generally suitable for battery size is 15-18cm in length, fully automatic used battery dismantling machine, wide 10-15cm, 6-10cm high.

Performance characteristics:

1. This battery dismantling machine is mainly for dismantling old batteries to achieve the purpose of reusing battery lead. The equipment automatically disassembles the used batteries, which improves the traditional technique of manually smashing and cutting the used batteries. At the same time, it also protects the operator from injury during the operation.

2. The battery dismantling machine is equipped with a conveyor, and the discharged lead will be directly transported to the place. The price is not expensive, and the length of the conveyor can be customized according to user requirements.

3. Regarding the price of the battery dismantling machine, some friends may ask: Is it a bit expensive? It does seem to be difficult to accept compared to the manual use, but the effect of the battery dismantling machine is better. That said, it is very worthwhile. The advantage of the machine is that it saves a lot of labor. And the efficiency has improved a lot.

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