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Stable high-speed mask machine maintenance technology

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The normal operation of the automatic one-to-one high-speed flat mask machine is inseparable from daily maintenance and maintenance. Doing a good job of equipment maintenance can not only extend the service life of the equipment but also greatly increase the production capacity. The following is the daily maintenance table compiled by SUNYGROUP.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

Daily maintenance items

Daily maintenance item classification

Daily maintenance item description

1. Main unit operation panel

Wipe the surface with dust and oil

2. Motor wiring, origin, limit sensor

Wipe the surface with dust and oil

3. Field moving parts screws

If the screws are found to be loose, they need to be tightened

4. Sorting out production costs

Earbands, nose strips, folding mask cutting and other waste materials are cleaned up in time

One week maintenance project

Weekly maintenance item classification

One week maintenance item description

1. Electrical cabinet

Whether there is dust or material falling in the electrical cabinet, it needs to be removed

2. Main unit operation panel

Whether the internal connection head is loose, re-lock it

3. Motor wiring, origin, limit sensor

Whether the connecting wire is loose or badly connected, reconnect it again

4. The connecting line with the machine moving

Whether the connector is loose, please connect it properly

Whether the wiring has rubbed foreign matter, please remove it

Whether the wiring is stained with oil, please remove it

Maintenance items of the month

Classification of maintenance items of the month

1. Electrical cabinet

Whether the internal connection head of the electrical cabinet is loose and re-lock it

2. Machine fixed support foot anti-loosening screw

Whether the anti-loosening screw of the machine's fixed support foot is loose, re-tighten it

3. Material rack

Whether it is stable, the position is inclined, adjust if there is

4. Gears, chains

Grease with butter

5. Knife Mould

Check whether the die is chipped and replace it in time

Maintenance and maintenance should be performed by specialized equipment maintenance personnel in the factory. Non-professionals should not disassemble and maintain the equipment. All personnel are not allowed to modify the equipment without the consent of the company.

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