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Scrap circuit board electronic waste recycling production line

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According to statistics, waste electronic appliances contain plastic, gold, copper, aluminum, and precious metal materials. If the metals in electronic waste can be sorted and used in a reasonable and effective manner, resource recycling will be a great asset. Improper disposal of waste electronic waste can cause serious environmental pollution and may also cause heavy metal poisoning. Only through scientific and effective processing methods can the pollution of electronic waste be solved and the role of metal recovery can be achieved. Is there any good way?

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

SUNY GROUP environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment is born for the treatment of waste electronic waste. The equipment has a high degree of automation. Dry crushing combines specific gravity separation, electrostatic separation, and dust removal devices to effectively separate various metals in waste circuit boards; It also solves the pollution of dust, air and water.

E-waste disposal has become the focus of future development. Since the country introduced a ban on the entry of foreign garbage and solid waste, the country has paid more and more attention to e-waste disposal. In this case, circuit board recycling equipment that can dispose of waste electronic waste has played an important role. The circuit board recycling equipment production line has developed its advantages to the extreme and solved the problem of not being able to dispose of waste electronic waste in large quantities.

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