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Operation and maintenance of small cable wire recycling machine

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The small copper rice machine is a machine for processing copper rice. It mainly processes various waste wires, cables, miscellaneous wires, woolen wires, miscellaneous electrical wires, automobile wiring harnesses, motorcycle wiring harnesses, and civilian power cords. So how does the small copper rice machine operate?

The feeding amount should be controlled at about 50% of the machine's output. After continuous production for 3 hours, the output should be increased successively, and the output should be increased by 10% every 3 hours. Do not load the material at full load from the beginning

Small Cable Wire Granulator

Small Cable Wire Granulator

The operating parts of the copper rice machine are filled with new grease every 40 hours of operation, and the bearings of the crusher are filled with new grease every 8 hours of operation. 3# calcium-based grease is selected for the lubricating grease.

During the production of the copper rice machine, the raw materials should be classified and broken, and the copper wire and aluminum wire should not be mixed. The wire diameter of each batch of crushed raw materials should be the same size. The mixing of thick and thin wires will affect the sorting effect.

The initial number of rotations of the frequency converter of the blower fan under the copper rice machine is adjusted to 35-40Hz, and the value is increased or decreased according to the sorting situation. The initial value of the speed frequency of the vibration sorting motor inverter is adjusted to between 28-35Hz, and the value is increased or decreased according to the sorting situation.

Adjust the initial number of times of dust removal and air volume before and after the copper rice machine to the middle position of the adjustment range, and the value will increase or decrease according to the discharge situation.


When the copper rice machine fails or is cleaned, the power supply must be disconnected before inspection or cleaning. When the dry type copper rice machine equipment is blocked by materials, it must be shut down or cut off before cleaning. During the operation of the copper rice machine, if an abnormal situation is found, the power should be cut off in time, and the problem should be investigated and solved

Pay attention to the rotation of the motor when connecting the power cord of the dry copper rice machine to prevent reverse rotation.

The installation of the power cord of the copper meter machine must comply with the electrical installation standards, frequent inspections and timely troubleshooting.

The copper rice machine is only used for crushing copper wire and aluminum wire, and should not be used for crushing other materials.

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