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How to crush and recycle waste tires

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How to recycle waste tire resources? Look at waste tire processing machinery, choose reliable waste tire processing machinery, do a good job in the recycling of waste tire resources, old tire processing machinery, high degree of automation, recycling materials steel wire, fiber, rubber powder , The granular materials can be recycled and produce economic investment benefits.

How to crush and recycle waste tires
How to crush and recycle waste tires

The waste tire shredder has low processing and disposal costs for rubber powder and large resource recovery. It can handle a wide range of waste tires and rubber. As long as it is a combination of rubber and steel wire materials, the waste tire shredder can complete the sorting process. In the application and processing of rubber powder, the waste tire shredder is equipped with a rubber breaker and a rubber powder equipment recycling screen, and is composed of water cooling and cooling facilities.

When the scrap tire shredder is used to make the particle line, the manual configuration is small and the raw material tolerance is large, and the processed particle materials are uniform. At the same time, it can also be used for crushing and magnetic separation applications with other materials, such as rubber pads, rubber tubing, conveyor belts, and rubber steel wires. Tubes, steel wire cores, rubber sheets, gaskets and other materials can all be processed and applied at the same time. At this time, it is equipped with a tire wire separator, a tire rubber pellet machine, a tire vibration sorting screen, and a fiber separator.

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