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Complete equipment for recycling waste lead-acid batteries


The equipment adopts advanced technology for overall crushing and sorting of waste lead-acid batteries, which can effectively separate plastic, lead acid, lead mud, lead particles, etc., and includes acid mist dust removal system, air purification system, etc. for your purchase, the whole process It is automatically completed and has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, strong processing capacity and high recovery rate.

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

The use of pollution-free automobile lead-acid battery technology and the combination of hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy can process the sulfuric acid in the lead-acid battery into raw material for washing powder.

During use, the lead metal and the slurry in the battery can be melted into powder in a rotating furnace. The polyethylene grid and polypropylene shell of the lead battery shell are processed into particles, which will not cause secondary pollution during the entire production process.

Lead is still a relatively low-priced metal, so waste lead-acid batteries are key to purchasing metallic lead. Lead is a toxic chemical substance that can be used flexibly to prevent metal lead from environmental pollution.

Battery manufacturers must undertake the responsibility for completing the revenue target through methods such as self-collection and cooperation with social revenue utilization enterprises. This means that the new model of battery recycling in the future may be to trade in old, and the living space of used battery collectors will be further reduced.

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