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Aluminum Copper Waste Radiator Cutting Separating Machine


The heat pipe stripping machine mainly cuts and separates the relatively complete heat pipes that have not been damaged or bent. It is different from the heat pipe recycling equipment. The heat pipe stripping machine can completely peel off the aluminum fins of the outer layer of the scrap heat pipe. And the wrapped iron pipe is not easy to suffer loss. The iron pipe and the aluminum fin are separated quickly, with high efficiency and simple operation. In terms of safety, the feeding port is used to set the eye control. When working, the hand reaches the set position and the machine stops. Radiator copper and aluminum separator, radiator dismantling machine, radiator cutting and dismantling machine.

AC Radiator Stripping Machine

AC Radiator Stripping Machine

The machine has the advantages of simple operation, sturdiness, small size, etc. The motor power is 5.5kw, the voltage is 380V, and the output is 300KG/H. It does not need a band saw, and the large and small aluminum fin tubes are all completed by one machine. With fast speed and low cost, this machine is suitable for the separation of waste air conditioners and old radiator pipes; this machine can separate the aluminum and iron inside the waste radiator pipe; the disassembly of this machine is completed by one machine, without other equipment for auxiliary production; aluminum fin iron pipe The separation speed is fast, the work efficiency is high, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain; this aluminum fin separator can handle various specifications of heat dissipation pipe fittings.

The recycling and separation equipment adopts new technology, and the effect of separating aluminum and iron in waste heat pipes can reach 99%. According to the different materials, different supporting processing equipment can be selected. The processing speed is high and the efficiency is high. It is deeply loved by users. .

The manufacturer of the air-conditioning radiator pipe stripping equipment provides a one-year warranty for the whole machine and free consultation and maintenance services throughout the year.

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