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Waste wire crushing, sorting and recycling equipment


The production line of waste wire recycling equipment is mainly used to separate metals and non-metals in materials such as waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, wires and scraps. This equipment mainly uses electrostatic separation technology. The principle of electrostatics has been known for a long time. For example, plastic combs can attract shreds of paper after rubbing on the hair. Now we can use the principle of electrostatics to apply to construction machinery. We need to add Large static electricity requires greater power. This is the effect of high-voltage static electricity. We can use this feature to separate metal conductive objects and non-conductive objects, including waste circuit board recycling equipment, aluminum-plastic separators and copper meters. Machines and equipment are used to separate metal and non-metal particles in this way, the effect is obvious, and the whole process of physical separation does not cause any pollution, which is relatively environmentally friendly.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Waste wire recycling equipment. The remarkable characteristics of this equipment method are environmental protection, high comprehensive utilization rate, and large added value. It is the development trend of electronic waste treatment in the future. Due to the toughness of waste circuit boards, mostly flat plates, it is difficult to separate metals and non-metals through one-time crushing, and there are many other substances contained in them. The separation and decomposition process is very complicated. These characteristics determine the recycling and treatment of waste wires. Has a certain degree of difficulty. We overcome various difficulties and separate equipment with remarkable effect. During the production process, there will be no secondary pollution, which meets the standards of the national environmental protection department.

E-waste is a relatively common item in daily life. Since the country introduced a ban on the import of e-waste, equipment for processing e-waste at home and abroad has risen. E-waste not only pollutes the environment, but improper disposal methods can also cause different levels of heavy metal poisoning. How to effectively dispose of e-waste has become a problem that everyone is paying more attention to. Through the analysis of the components and structure of electronic waste, we have developed and produced waste wire recycling equipment. This equipment adopts dry physical and mechanical technology and electrostatic separation and sorting technology to process electronic waste, and remove the metal and plastic in electronic waste. The fibers are separated so that both metal and plastic fibers can be recycled for comprehensive utilization. The waste wire recycling equipment has good environmental performance and cannot achieve dust removal. It also avoids the pollution and heavy metal poisoning caused by the traditional fire method.

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