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Technology and process flow of waste lithium battery recycling equipment


Here, SUNY GROUP, a manufacturer of lithium battery shredders, will introduce the technology and process of recycling equipment for waste lithium batteries. The recycling technology of waste lithium batteries is to cut the disassembled negative electrode material of the waste lithium battery into pieces, and then put it into a hammer crusher to hammer the carbon powder and acetylene black powder adhering to the surface of the negative electrode copper foil. Vibration peeling;

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

A sieve plate is set under the rotor of the hammer crusher, and the negative particles smaller than the sieve plate aperture are crushed by hammering and fall into the screening equipment below through the small holes of the sieve plate; Cyclic hammer vibration crushing until the size is smaller than the sieve plate aperture; the broken particles falling into the screening equipment use the size difference and shape difference between the particles to achieve the separation of metal copper and non-metal after hammer vibration peeling through vibrating screen.

The equipment adopts a physical and mechanical treatment process, the whole process is systematic, has technical support, and the whole process is safe and effective. The equipment is equipped with dust removal equipment to avoid environmental pollution, and the separation of metal and non-metal is completely effective. The purity is high, the efficiency of the treatment process is also high, the equipment design is reasonable, the technology is excellent, and it is easy to maintain in use. The whole process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, not only has no impact on the environment, but also can effectively recycle used lithium batteries and limited metal resources.

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