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The processing process of the copper rice machine is to crush the waste copper wire, and then use the specific gravity sorter to completely separate the copper and rubber impurities in the crushed waste copper wire and cable, and improve the metal efficiency of copper and plastic. Social development has added more resources for sustainable development.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Because of the limited resources in our country, these recycled scrap copper wires have high economic value, and solve the serious environmental pollution caused by a large amount of scrap metal. The metal recovery rate of the copper rice machine has reached more than 99%, which can guarantee the copper The quality of the metal. Various cables can be crushed and separated directly without any pretreatment process. Dry separation is used to realize environmental protection and mechanized production. An important part of the copper rice machined by the old wire copper rice machine is crushing and grinding. Separate copper particles and After the plastic skin is separated from the air by the vibration system, the copper and plastic are completely separated.

This separation method can directly process various types of wires and cables without sorting, reduces the workload of employees, realizes automated industrial production, and has no pollution in the production process. It is currently the more professional waste wire and cable separation and recycling equipment on the market.

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