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Can the Cable Wire Recycling Machine separate aluminum?


The Cable Wire Recycling Machine is mainly used for the collection and reuse of waste copper wires, waste wires, waste electrical i-cables, etc. In short, it first crushes these waste copper wires, wires and cables, and then crushes the crushed copper and plastic Separate to achieve distribution and utilization after separation.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Because the separated copper looks as big as rice grains, it is called a "Cable Wire Recycling Machine". It can also be seen that it is an environmentally friendly mechanical product.

Taking the Cable Wire Recycling Machine produced by SUNY GROUP as an example, the characteristics of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine can be summarized as follows: 1. The copper and plastic are completely separated to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization and have high economic benefits. 2. No dust and no secondary pollution. 3. The equipment is an integral combined structure, which is convenient for installation, debugging, and transportation. After the customer purchases it, it can be produced after turning on the power supply, which is very convenient. 4. Stable performance.

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