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Lithium Battery Recycling Machine Technology


TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to the technical field of non-ferrous metal smelting equipment, and in particular to an automated copper electrolysis production line.

At present, the existing copper electrolysis process can be divided into the traditional large plate long-period conventional electrolysis method and the permanent stainless steel cathode electrolysis method. The latter uses a stainless steel cathode plate to replace the copper cathode sheet in the traditional method. The stainless steel can be reused, reducing the number of cathodes. The process of repeated production of the board has the characteristics of high labor productivity, low labor cost and high product quality.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

In recent years, the widespread use of permanent stainless steel cathodic electrolysis method has brought huge benefits. However, the existing copper electrolysis production line has a low degree of automation, and can only be produced through a semi-manual and semi-automated production line, such as the crane on the production line. The anodes and cathodes are hoisted by manual driving, and when hoisting anodes or cathodes, manual assistance is required to enter the installation tank of the electrolytic cell. The use of this production line greatly reduces production efficiency and also consumes labor costs. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to solve the problem of low automation in the existing copper electrolysis production line, and to provide an automated copper electrolysis production line with high automation, high operation rate and low cost.

In order to solve the above problems, the technical solution of the present utility model is:

An automated copper electrolysis production line. The production line includes an anode shaping unit for anode plate shaping, an electrolytic cell, a cathode stripping unit, a residual electrode washing unit, a fully automatic traveling carriage and a traveling guide frame for cooperating with production, assembly and transportation operations. The fully automatic driving and driving guide frame are slidingly connected; the anode shaping unit, the electrolytic cell, and the cathode stripping unit are arranged in sequence; the residual electrode washing unit and the cathode stripping unit are arranged side by side; the electrolytic cell is respectively connected with the anode shaping unit and the cathode The stripping unit and the residual pole washing unit are connected in operation coordination, and the operation coordination connection is connected by a fully automatic driving assembly conveyor line.

The anode shaping unit, the cathode stripping unit, the residual electrode washing unit and the fully automatic driving train are respectively provided with PLC controllers, and each PLC controller is respectively connected with the main controller provided on the production line.

A waste recovery and reuse system is arranged after the residual electrode washing unit, and the waste recovery and reuse system is respectively connected to the residual electrode washing unit and the anode shaping unit in operation.

The anode shaping unit includes an anode plate receiving device, an anode plate shaping device, a typesetting device, and an anode plate sending device that are sequentially connected, and the anode plate sending device is connected to the electrolytic cell in operation.

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