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Waste motor rotor recycling equipment


The waste motor rotor recycling equipment is the main operating part of the hammer crusher. The SUNY GROUP motor rotor crusher first feeds the material into the crushing chamber, and then is mainly crushed by the hammer on the rotor, so the balance of the rotor The wear resistance of the hammer is very important. Before the rotor leaves the factory, including installation and trial operation, we will test the static balance of the rotor. This can effectively ensure the stable operation and vibration of the rotor, and also effectively lift the rotor. The life of each component on the.

Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine
Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine

The waste motor rotor recycling equipment is flexible and convenient to use, compact in structure, and large in output. It is mainly used for the recycling of waste resources. The motor rotor crusher is a multi-purpose crusher equipment for crushing scrap metal barrels, cans, metal scraps and other scrap metals. The scrap metal can be crushed into small particles, which facilitates transportation, saves transportation costs, and can also accelerate the speed of metal refining. On the basis of absorbing the advantages of various crushers, it is carefully developed by making full use of the practical experience of impact, shearing, mutual impact, and grinding. When working, the materials are fully crushed in the crushing cavity, with high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency and uniform discharge. In addition, the equipment has low noise, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance during operation.

Scrap motor rotors and stators; small motors, car generators, battery car motors, washing machine motors, power tool rotors, soymilk machine rotors, electric car toy motors and many other scrap motors or motors can all be used Gongyi Ruisec Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The scrap motor rotor crusher equipment is used for crushing and dismantling. The motor rotor dismantling equipment can also crush any metal materials, such as: waste bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, color steel tiles, paint buckets, cans, steel castings, scrap steel plates , Steel bar, scrap stainless steel, aluminum plate, pig iron, etc.

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